About us

Established in 2007, Arqaam Capital is a specialist emerging markets financial services company, bringing regional and international product offerings to the emerging markets. Arqaam Capital combines international best practices with expertise in the markets we operate. Our primary role is to provide financial intermediation and create investment opportunities for emerging markets investors looking to invest in their markets and abroad, as well as international investors seeking opportunities in target emerging markets.

Arqaam Capital operates out of three hubs: Dubai, Cairo, and Beirut. Arqaam Capital's global markets businesses include - Capital Markets Advisory, Corporate Finance, Asset Management, Cash Equity, Equity Derivatives, Credit Trading, Treasury and Custody. In addition, Arqaam Capital provides in-depth research on 200 listed MENA companies. Arqaam Capital also invests in private equity on a proprietary or clubbed investment basis, which is sector agnostic but with a real estate, commodities, and technology focus to date. The group also actively searches for investments in technology, both financial and non-financial.